Posted December 6, 2017

Become a Better Digital Marketer in 3 Easy Steps

Become a Better Digital Marketer in 3 Easy Steps
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The Digital Marketing world is like a large battlefield. There are many competitors–those who fail to stand out will perish, and those who manage to execute creative tactics will prevail. We, the digital marketers, are the leaders of the battalions. We have to know every step that we will take, and we must think of clever ways to outsmart the enemies for us to win the war. Of course, in this context, we must win customers and clients!

Our industry is very fast-paced, and as a part of it, we always have to keep up with all the digital marketing trends. We always have to keep learning, and finding ways to become BETTER AND STRONGER soldiers of this industry.

We’ve listed down 3 ways you can do to reach your full potential as a digital marketer.

Know the Different Areas of Digital Marketing

Map out the battlefield. Dig into the new technology! Explore the different platforms that the Digital Marketing World has to offer. Social Media, Email Marketing, and SEO are just a few examples of the wide array of options in Digital Marketing.

You must learn to use them all simultaneously for you to reach your business’ maximum potential. This is no easy task, I know, but there are tools that you can use to help you manage them all.

Moz, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite, are just some of the MANY tools out there developed to help us manage all the information that’s being fed to us by the digital marketing world. Learn to use it because it will definitely make your job easier and more organized.

Learn How to Create Content

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Copywriting and Content Marketing is the heart of Digital Marketing. In a battle, your copies and content is your secret weapon. You have to learn how to make AWESOME content!

To do that, you only have to remember the three Cs:

Always be CONCISE. You only need a few sentences to present your idea. You just need to be direct to the point. Remember, all famous and successful content start with a compelling first sentence. You have to be accurate for you to catch your customer’s attention in an instant. Like a soldier with a sniper, your content must hit the target.

Be CLEAR— have an objective. Know your audience, and know what they really want. Make your content adhere to your objective. If you add fluff pieces on your content, then it wouldn’t be as effective.

Lastly, let your mind go wild, and be CREATIVE! Get out of the box. Don’t be afraid to think of the most odd and wackiest ideas. They might be a hit in the digital world!

If you still need help with your content, you can read more on the previous article that I’ve written.

Analyze the Data

After a battle, you have to analyze your successes and failures. EVALUATE your results. Analyze the data of your work, and don’t ever get tired of evaluating your performance.

There are numerous tools that can help you with that (Google Analytics, Moz, Adroll, etc.). Then, you can devise new strategies that can help you get better results. Trial and error will always be a part of the process, so don’t be afraid to experiment, okay?

As I’ve mentioned before, entering the Digital Marketing world is like signing up for the military. You are willingly presenting yourself for a battle. There are many competitors out there, but don’t be easily discouraged. With training, hard work and creativity, you can outshine them all.  However, anticipate that you will lose some battles but it doesn’t mean that you cannot win the war! As you were, soldier! Push on!  

Yuri Amon