Posted January 2, 2018

Website: Your Best Investment This 2018

Website: Your Best Investment This 2018
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You must examine all aspects to carefully determine if something is worth spending or not. When it comes to getting a website tho, it’s a different story. It’s simply a “Yes, you’ll benefit from one.” Impulsive as it may seem, it can be supported by a lot of reasons. I’ll state the best 5 for you.

1. It’s available 24/7/365 even when you’re not.

As you provide around the clock accessibility for your brand, you’ll attract customers non-stop.  Your website is a self-sufficient application that will sell and promote on its own. After all, unlike a convenience store, the internet doesn’t have its official working hours and doesn’t need to be manned. That’s way more convenient!

2. It extends your reach.

According to, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product or availing a service. That big percentage can be your audience too, regardless of location. You can join all nearby conventions, hand in thousands of business cards and build a lot of branches but you’ll be surprised at how the extent of reach of a website will top all that.

3. It’s bang for the buck.

A website is the most cost-effective form of advertising you could possibly invest on. Most can provide just a brief overview of your products but your website can contain the detailed information your customers need. When you consider the potential audience you’ll reach, the relatively low investment will get back tenfold by providing new customers.

4. It doesn’t just help you compete.

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is not an easy task. Today, 60% of shoppers find a product/service using a search engine; that percentage is only going to increase. The moment you refuse to get a website, you’re already out of that online competition. With a professional website though, coupled with search engine optimization, you’re sure to win.

5. Duh… it’s 2018.

According to, over half of smartphone users grab their smartphones immediately after waking up; 5 out of 10 people won’t recommend a business without a website; 88% of consumers who search for a local business go to that business within 24 hours. If you’re going to do one thing this year to further the success of your business, taking advantage of the internet should be your top priority. Just the fact that it’s constantly and increasingly making its presence felt through the years should be enough to prove that it’s a channel that could give your business countless of opportunities to grow.

It’s about time to even out the playing field and get started. We at i4 Asia Incorporated have been in the business of creating amazing websites for the past 13 years. If you want to create an advantage for your venture and work with us, just give us a call (02) 631-2718 or leave a message in this link