Posted February 20, 2018

Here’s How to Make a Successful Facebook Ad

Here’s How to Make a Successful Facebook Ad
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There is no doubt that Facebook has become a necessity for most businesses in this generation. With more than a billion users daily, this social media giant has become quite an effective marketing strategy in reaching a wide array of audiences. Since its creation, Facebook has now evolved into a profitable platform that’s easily available to all kinds of entrepreneurs.

With Facebook’s ingenious features, marketers and advertisers can promote their ads without burning a hole in their pockets. Plus, through Facebook Insights, they can access information to understand the effectiveness of their campaign promotions.

While it is more convenient to use this social networking site as a business platform, it has also set the bar in the industry–the competition is fiercer, and the customers are getting more elusive by the day. Rather than seeing this as a hurdle, we should take this as a challenge. Now, let’s make that killer Facebook ad!

Spark Curiosity

People love posts that makes them pick their brain. So, you can post statements that are out-of-the-box. Trivial posts, and unconventional information can make your posts go viral.

This strategy is tested and proven across all media platforms, so if you’re going to use this strategy, you’ll need to use all your creative juices!

Sense of Urgency

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the marketing handbook. Offering special offers and promos within a limited time frame is a strategy that has a guaranteed success rate. If you’re wondering why this is so effective, it’s because people love a good deal. Admit it, there’s a satisfying feeling of getting something that was ‘on sale’, ‘available for a limited time only’ or ‘limited stocks only’. Using those keywords that I’ve mentioned is an effective maneuver to easily get the attention of your followers.

For entrepreneurs, this is incredibly effective when it comes to boosting their sales and gaining followers on their page. If you’re a start-up entrepreneur and you recently just setup your Facebook page, this is a good way to spark engagement and gain a following.

Just remember, that you have to give them something to clamor about.

‘Gamified’ Content

This is a new content marketing strategy in the digital marketing world. By the word itself, it means applying game mechanics to your content. It’s essentially a solution for making creative and engaging content.

Now, there are many types of gamified content such as gifs, carousel posts (multiple images), and ‘Press and Hold’ posts. Posting this type of content on Facebook is highly effective since it’s highly visual, you can get your customers to have an actual interaction with your post.

Remember, the goal is to get your customers to stop and look at your post. Once they’ve clicked on the post, that already counts as engagement. If your post gain enough engagement, it can go viral and if it does, you can achieve effective brand recall and expect your sales to boost.

Establish relationship with your customers

Attending to your customers’ queries can be such a mundane job, but are you aware that it’s very crucial in establishing a healthy relationship with your customers? Most digital marketers underestimate this part of the job mainly because it can be tedious to answer repetitive questions and comments. However, it is the main reason we do social media marketing—to reach and connect with our customers.

In an article by Hootsuite, they stated that most Facebook users expect response from business pages within 24 hours and a responsive business page can have the impression that it is reliable and accurate.

So, make an effort to answer all your customers’ questions, and acknowledge all their feedback. Trust me, as a digital marketer, knowing that I’ve helped a customer makes the job worthwhile.

Facebook is so successful that it has become such a vast play field. We all know that the platform is constantly evolving, and as players of the game, we should also adapt to stay in the game. I hope these few tricks can make a difference in your Facebook marketing. Good luck!

Yuri Amon