Posted January 8, 2019

The Era of Digital Visual Revolution

The Era of Digital Visual Revolution
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Visual communication is the most powerful tool in digital marketing today. Before, we have seen the internet bombarded with blogs whereas an average of 500-1000+ words are used on every blog posts. These journals are a good platform to market your products and ideas, but it requires time to finish; and because of this, microblogs sprouted like mushrooms in the internet. An example of this is Twitter, which lets you input 240 characters only per tweet. Moreover, netizens really love watching stories instead of reading them, that’s why Youtube has 4 billions views daily — and that gave birth to ‘vlogging’. Shocked? Don’t be! This isn’t surprising for the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

This is how digital space reinvented marketing contents, you have show what you want to tell.

A millennia wherein STORYSHOWING is the new storytelling.


In i4 Asia, we’ve done various eye-striking visual campaigns for different brands and one of those is Belkin. It’s an American manufacturer of #PeopleInspiredProducts such as Pocket Power 10K Power Bank. We concretize their ingenuity by exuding a daring yet visionary impact on its audience. How? Check these core techniques we hold dear when creating masterpieces.


A content that stands out is the one that has meaningful and relatable values that builds a steadfast relationship with its audience. It is the key to make loyal customers. As a marketer, we should know how to balance what the eyes see and what the heart feels. Never focus on the aesthetic values alone. It is necessary to leave an impression not only because it is visually appealing but emotionally emphatic. 

Look at how we executed one of Belkin’s value of being Bold on this post.
It has gained 2,667 and 11 shares.


KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Being informed on who are you going to talk to is vital to convey your message at a point they can relate themselves. Also, make a “personal” visual tone. Create a content that is experiential and build a rapport. By knowing your audience, you’ll know where and when to interject a need. You’ll know how to tickle them because the persona is experiential, relatable.

Look at this post. Check how we communicate Belkin Screenforce InvisiGlass Screen Protector.
It obtained a total of 3,645 reactions with 4 shares.


This might sound cliche but it’s true that a single picture tells a thousand stories. This is a hurdle that a visual marketer must overcome if their goal is to deliver a specific story. That’s why instead of storytelling, go for STORYSHOWING. Think like you’re your audience. You have to make them realize the story you want to show them.

In this image, you can easily say that it’s for Christmas season. The use of colors, lights and props gave the holiday vibe.
It has 3,118 reactions with 5 shares.


Curiosity is what made people interact with something. It is a thirst that needs to be quenched. So, always make sure to inject a stimulant in your visuals by “leaking” a bit of information without giving it too much. Remember that curiosity lies between WHAT THEY KNOW and WHAT THEY WANT TO KNOW. From then on, start to play on how to provoke their cognitive thirst.

See this, we created an effect using a mirror. Are you puzzled by how we did it without creating unnecessary reflections?
This post has reaped a 3,927 reactions with 14 shares.

Truly, we have come a long way on how to express ourselves, our stories. Almost everything is told by showing, and anybody can show you something but not everything is interesting. Only a few will stand out. Creating and communicating something interesting is the key to an eye-strikingly visual content. On a final note, you can check this infomercial that we did for Belkin to know more what we’re talking about.  

Now, do you have the guts to join this revolution?

John Christian Lorenzana