Posted July 11, 2019

The power of Webinars to level-up your marketing strategy

The power of Webinars to level-up your marketing strategy
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When you hear the word “webinar”, most of you be like…

So, if you’re not familiar what webinar is and how it works, be sure to keep on scrolling down your screen to read through this article. Who knows? Webinar might become your secret weapon to ace your target sales.

Webinar or web + seminar is traditionally used for educational discussions, online meeting, presentation or training held via the internet FOR FREE.

However, some digital marketers and businesses started using this platform for sales and product demonstration to broaden their brand awareness. It is also an ideal marketing channel to inform your viewers about your services and offerings. 

With this, you can surely turn your viewers into your customers.

According to Content Marketing Institute, “Marketers who are broadening the scope of their webinars are finding more opportunity for ROI and cost-effectiveness from this approach. Webinars are most cost-effective when integrated across the customer’s buying journey.”

One of their studies found that marketers consistently rate webinars among the top 12 most frequently used tactics, and among the top five most effective.

But what makes webinar such a valuable marketing strategy?

According to Adobe Connect, a webinar service provider, one of the reasons why webinars are so effective in content marketing is because of its convenience. Anyone can participate without leaving their work, while staying at home, on a business trip or vacation as long as they have internet connection. 

Since webinars are a scheduled event, people will plan and make time to listen what you will discuss. JUST FOR YOU and you ALONE! Isn’t it sweet?

But what should you consider before or while conducting a webinar? 

1. You must present quality and engaging topic to your audience. When people attend a webinar, your content matters. Make them feel like you can share very valuable information with them. 

2. Make your webinars interactive. Insert polling questions or surveys during the webinars and allot time for a live question-and-answer portion. Always remember that your attendees may be at home or office while watching your webinars so don’t bore them. The speaker can also use humor.  

3. Be creative with your slides. Use graphs, tables and pictures. This will help your audience understand your topic easily. 

4. Find time for technical rehearsal. Test your slides, video and especially your audio! Who doesn’t love a smooth and flawless webinar experience, right?


6. And lastly, choose the best tool or service provider for your webinars. 
Some of the popular webinar service providers are Zoom, GoToWebinar, ON24, Cisco Webex and Adobe Connect. 

Do you still believe your current marketing efforts are “good enough?” Still hesitant in exploring webinars? Reconsider. You may be missing out on an extensive range of brand-building benefits of webinar that your competitors are taking advantage of.
Jaypee Bugayon